Meet Peter and Azumi

Peter Chiang 

As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and Chapman University business school with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, the perfect way to summarize Peter in a nutshell is a hospitality entrepreneur.

Peter is in charge of the daily operations and business side of Kanpai wines. Whenever he isn’t working you will most likely find him hosting, entertaining, and cooking elaborate meals for just about anyone who happens to be in his company that day.

Azumi Kubo 

Azumi is a true ambassador for Japanese culture with former experience as a wedding planner, bartender, and most prominently as a private Japanese teacher. Azumi loves art, wine, Japanese culture, cute things, and most of all, her Pomeranian Kiki.

Azumi is the head of hospitality and sales for both Asia and America and our Chief Cultural Communications officer to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.