Our Vineyard

The Estate

Hi No Tori Rose is made from 100% estate-grown Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from our vineyard at Meadowbrook Farm in the Oak Knoll district of Napa. Our family originally bought the estate in 2017 as a family home, intending to sell the grapes to prominent wineries as the previous owners had. However, just weeks after moving to Napa, the California wildfires threatened the vineyard, coming within a mile of the property. After the fires, wineries couldn't give us the assurance that they'd be able to take on any more grapes. Seeing the history and potential of the vineyard, we made the decision to go it alone and create our own wine label. Thus, in a flurry of fire and decision making, Hi No Tori Rose was born.

The vineyard was first planted in 1988, starting with 17 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. As it turns out, this would be one of the first vineyards our winemaker Steve Matthiasson worked on in his early years of viticulture. Knowing firsthand the potential of the terroir, Steve decided to return to work on Meadowbrook Farm as our winemaker.

Our vineyard lies in the mouth of the Dry Creek canyon. At night, the cool air rolls down from Mount Veeder, which shields the grapes from the intense afternoon sun. Harbored by the coolness of the vineyard, the fruit develops a uniquely strong backbone of acidity and tannin. Every year, as the nights grow colder, the leaves change color and drop, sooner than any other vineyard in the area. This is the signal that the fruit is ready for harvest. The vineyard rests on soil deposited by the creek over hundreds of years, composed of thin layers of clay interspersed with coarse sand, underlain with dry cobbles and silt. The vineyard gives our wine structure, firm acidity, and complex savory flavors of olive, tea leaf, and tobacco.